Earth Day: Our Top Eco-Conscious Hotels
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Earth Day: Our Top Eco-Conscious Hotels

Here at Luxtripper, sustainability and conservation have always been at the forefront of our values. In honour of Earth Day 2021, we are celebrating some of our favourite eco-conscious hotels and resorts for their remarkable work and accomplishments in implementing sustainable and responsible practices.
BY Nora Al-Sayed
Luxtripper Travel Editor

Join us in celebrating the outstanding work of some of our favourite eco-conscious hotels in honour of Earth Day. 

Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Malaysian Borneo

Nestled in the ancient forest of Danum Valley on the banks of the serene Danum River, Borneo Rainforest Lodge is an exquisite luxury hotel immersed in a world of pristine nature and extraordinary wildlife. The lodge accommodates up to 60 guests across 30 stunning individual chalets, each offering sensational panoramic views of the rainforest. In conjunction with the resort's Green Practice initiative, Borneo Rainforest Lodge minimises energy consumption by utilising solar panels, LED lights and energy-saving bulbs for lighting, in addition to recycling plastic and other wastes. 

Home to a plethora of wildlife including rare species such as the Orangutan, Bornean pygmy elephant, Sumatran rhino, clouded leopard, Malay sun bear and 200 species of plant per hectare, the resort resides in a region of great ecological significance known as the Danum Valley Conservation Area. To ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, the resort relies on eco-friendly repellents and hygiene products to minimise chemical usage and regularly monitors and re-evaluates its practices to support, rather than be detrimental, to the local environment.

The Brando, French Polynesia

Famously known as the former retreat of Marlon Brando, The Brando is an exceptionally beautiful resort located in the Teti'aroa Atoll on the main islet of Ontehai. Launched in 2014, the resort has adopted a firm eco-friendly approach since its conception, having been constructed using renewable or recycled materials, or materials of local or certified origin. Boasting 35 spectacular beachfront villas and a variety of activities, including marine exploration of the lagoon and excursions around the island, guests at the resort are given the ultimate opportunity to explore the remarkable beauty of the island. 

Committed to preserving this picture-perfect paradise, The Brando is almost entirely self-sustaining and is constantly striving to achieve carbon neutrality. To support this admirable endeavour, the resort has implemented a pioneering deep seawater air-conditioning system designed to reduce energy demands and utilise renewable energy sources such as solar power and biofuel. 

Grootbos Garden Lodge, South Africa

Nestled between mountains and the ocean, the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is an award-winning luxury hotel located in the Western Cape of South Africa. Set amidst a backdrop of sensational coastal scenery, ancient forests and sublime mountain peaks, the lodge offers 11 freestanding suites, crafted using natural materials of stone, wood, and thatch, each fitted with a private deck and floor-to-ceiling windows for optimal viewing of the surrounding scenery. Conceived as a B&B in 1994, the founders of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve recall being mesmerised by the region's natural beauty and have since demonstrated over two decades of conservation efforts to preserve it. 

Today, a world leader in sustainable tourism, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve proudly oversees the protection and rehabilitation of 2500 hectares of land, particularly the reserve and the Walker Bay region, which home approximately 100 endangered plant species, 3 Milkwood forests aged over 1000 years and over 20 mammal species. In addition to land conservation, the lodge is heavily involved with the local community, offering training and educational opportunities to disadvantaged members of the local community and supporting scientific research into the ecological, social and environmental aspects of the region.  

Lapa Rios Lodge, Costa Rica

Situated within a 930-acre private nature reserve at the southernmost tip of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, Lapa Rios Lodge occupies a spot of great natural beauty, residing in one of the most remote and biodiverse regions on the planet. The lodge offers 17 luxury bungalows, each built using locally sourced, renewable materials such as bamboo, wood and local vines to optimise harmony with the natural surroundings. Lapa Rios is entirely powered by renewable sources in the form of 220 solar panels and 10 nano turbines for hydropower to reduce energy consumption and increase sustainability. 

All food at the lodge is locally sourced, providing support to the local community of farmers and suppliers while reducing unnecessary carbon emissions from transport. Home to over 2.5% of the world's biodiversity, guests at the lodge are offered the best seat in the house to observe the incredible wildlife of the region and can embark on guided tours throughout the rainforest led by local tour operators. 

El Nido Resorts, Miniloc Island, Philippines

A hidden gem of the Philippines, El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island is the picture of paradise characterised, by dazzling white limestone rock formations, lush tropical foliage and glistening turquoise waters. Situated within the Palawan archipelago, sometimes referred to as “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines", this spectacular region is home to El Nido Resorts, a luxury hotel located on the small island of Miniloc. 

Committed to preserving this treasured region, the resort has implemented a number of operations and initiatives to mitigate any impact on the environment and support local communities. All activities on offer assume an educational and sustainable approach while waste and consumption are processed using state-of-the-art treatment plants to be reused across the resort or safely disposed of to protect the local marine life. In addition to regularly organising beach clean-ups, El Nido Resorts also maintains an extensive database detailing the local flora and fauna in an effort to support conservation of the region and supplement scientific studies. 

Ongava Lodge, Namibia

Located on the Southern border of the Etosha National Park, the Ongava Lodge is a luxury lodge offering just 14 exclusive rock-and-thatch en-suite chalets set atop a peaceful hilltop overlooking miles of pristine Namibian landscape. Residing in the privately owned Ongava Game Reserve, Ongava Lodge offers guests a rare, immersive experience in one of Namibia's most exciting destinations. 

Home to incredible wildlife species such as lions, elephants, giraffes, black and white rhinos and the endemic black-faced impala, the Ongava Game Reserve is highly protected and one of Namibia's most significant reserves. In an effort to contribute to the preservation of the region and protect the reserve from harmful tourist practices, the Ongava Lodge operates the Ongava Research Centre, a conservation science hub dedicated to contributing to the research and preservation of the reserve. 

Misool Resort, West Papua, Indonesia

Situated in a remote corner of Indonesia in Raja Ampat, Misool Resort is a breathtaking private island resort and a safeguard of one of the world’s richest reefs. Residing in the heart of the 300,000-acre Misool Marine Reserve, owned and protected by the resort, Misool Eco Resort offers just 11 exclusive luxury cottages to guests. Constructed entirely using salvaged driftwood and free-fallen timbers, the resort came to conception with sustainability at the forefront of its mission, even implementing an elaborate water system to process and treat rainwater for use in the resort's gardens and bathroom amenities. 

In addition to operating advanced sustainable practices, Misool Resort prides itself on its passionate involvement with the local community, regularly employing locals and implementing social projects that provide alternative sources of income. 

Feeling Inspired?

As the world begins to return to travel, we believe now is the time to be part of the change and champion the movement towards responsible tourism so that we can help preserve our natural environment. If you're looking to travel more sustainably and want to help support environmental projects around the world, get in touch with one of our Luxury Travel Specialists who can help plan your stay at one of these extraordinary hotels. 

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