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Kandy is renowned for being one of Sri Lanka’s culture capitals. This incredible city sits along a tranquil river in the heart of Sri Lanka’s teardrop-shaped island and offers plenty to see and do.

Kandy’s sacred city is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting an eclectic mix of grand colonial architecture and traditional Sri Lankan design; it’s incredible to behold. The biggest draw is the Temple of the Tooth, which dates back to the 1500’s and is home to what is considered one of Buddha’s teeth. The temple itself is stunning to behold, after wandering through the elaborate gardens, you’ll find yourself in a grand hall filled with floral offerings and incense trails.

The city is also home to many excellent Sri Lankan  markets, museums, temples and a sacred lake, which we recommend setting aside an afternoon to stroll around. There’s also plenty of excellent luxury hotels to choose from that’ll offer you the best of everything you could dream of when you choose to stay in Kandy.


We recommend pairing Sri Lanka with a luxury beach holiday to the Maldives. Experience the very best of culture & safaris with white beaches & overwater villas. Sri Lanka is home to so many incredible destinations and there's so many different ways to explore the island, depending on what you would like to see and do! 

  • We recommend spending 3 nights in the Cultural Triangle to see all of the incredible UNESCO sites and climb the majestic Sigiriya Rock. Discover the amazing Golden Buddha Caves in Dambulla before spending a night in Kandy. This UNESCO site boasts many a temple and vibrant market, as well as a sparkling sacred lake. Surround yourself with soothing incense in the mystifying Temple of the Tooth before heading back to relax in the comfort of your luxury hotel. 

  • After that, catch a scenic train ride to beautiful Ella and spend 3 nights relaxing in the hills. Journey into the emerald jungle to find Ravana Falls, a cascading waterfall straight from a fairytale! Head south to Yala National Park for 2 nights of safaris you'll love seeing elephants as well as the largest gathering of gorgeous leopards. Finish your amazing Sri Lanka holiday on the picturesque beaches of Galle or the in bustling capital of Colombo, an easy stop to incorporate into your itinerary with its airport.  
The Elephant Stables Hotel
Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
Nestled within the heart of Sri Lanka’s beautiful rolling hills and lush greenery sits Elephant Stables, an exclusive luxury retreat that perfectly blends colonial heritage architecture with traditional Sri Lankan accents and decor to provide guests with a secluded haven
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Earls Regency Hotel
Nattarampota, Sri Lanka
Located within the lush rolling hillsides, legendary tea plantations and powerful culture capital of Kandy sits Sri Lanka’s Earl's Regency, a 5-star luxury resort that invites guests to travel back in time and experience world-class hospitality, luxury amenities, incredible cuisine
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Clingendael Hotel
Digana, Sri Lanka
It’s impossible to not be blown away by the sheer force of natural beauty Sri Lanka presents to those who visit it’s historic island. Dramatic green mountainsides, impressive tea plantations, ancient temples and impressively retained memoirs of a bygone colonial
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Best Time to travel to

The best time to visit Kandy is between December and April, as the weather is dry and sunny. The rest of the year see’s monsoon weather conditions but Sri Lanka benefits greatly from the rainfall as it leaves the country lush and green, making it still a very picturesque destination to visit during these times of year.




























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Sri Lanka is an excellent choice for an unforgettable honeymoon, not only does the country offer a diverse landscape to explore, but it’s also just a 1-hour flight from the Maldives, making them a great pairing. When visiting Sri Lanka, putting Kandy on the itinerary is essential, as this historical city offers so much to do and see both with and around the city. There’s also a great selection of luxury boutique resorts and hotels to choose from that offer seclusion, relaxation and romance.

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Couples looking for a fantastic Sri Lanka luxury holiday will love taking the time to explore Kandy. This culture capital is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers plenty to see within the city itself, including ancient temples and authentic markets, and also offers plenty of nearby destinations to explore. Sri Lanka is such a fascinating, beautiful and diverse nation, and a stop in Kandy is essential for those seeking a true look into the island and what it has to offer.

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Those looking to plan a fun-filled Sri Lanka family holiday will love adding Kandy to the itinerary, as it offers a great contrast to many of the island’s other destinations, and also provides a great insight into the rich history of Sri Lanka. Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth will dazzle and intrigue every member of the family, and theres plenty of excellent luxury resorts to choose from with huge swimming pools and family-friendly amenities.

Things to do in
Temple of the Tooth

While there is a seemingly endless number of temples and historical sites in Sri Lanka, the most distinguished of these is certainly the Temple of the Sacred Tooth in Kandy.

Famous for its origin story, visitors will be humbled by the magnificent shrines, astounded by the exquisite artwork displayed, and stunned by the exotic flowers and gardens dotted around the temple. With artistic, intricate interior design and unique architecture, there is no shortage of beauty to be found here. Hear the enchanting rhythm of the drums, witness offerings and visit the museum to learn the fascinating history of this sacred site.

Kandy Lake

Escape the bustle of the city for a walk along Kandy’s sacred lake, one of the most highly regarded sights in the country.

Kandy Lake is known as the Sea of Milk, and is an artificial lake that sits in the heart of the city itself. The lake was constructed in the 1800s and it has since spawned many legends and folklore relating to it, especially given its location right in front of the scared Temple of the Tooth. The lake is also very beautiful and it’s certainly worth setting aside an afternoon to grab some food and wander along the lake’s edge.


Sri Lanka is such a beautiful and fascinating nation, it’s understandable that you would want to take a little piece of it home with you to commemorate the adventure.

Kandy offers a great selection of charming markets to choose from, that sell everything from locally-made handicrafts and fashion items through to street food classics fresh from the wok! These are fantastic for picking up gifts and souvenirs, and there’s also a government-run emporium called Lasala which specialises in handcrafted goods and art pieces.

Getting Back to Nature

Kandy is known as the Hill Capital of Sri Lanka, and offers a great base for numerous exploration and trekking adventures.

Spend your days hiking up the emerald hillsides and taking in incredible views, or hop in a boat for a whitewater rafting descent down the many rivers dotted across the landscape. 


If you’re a fan of golf, then you’ll love teeing off at the huge Victoria Golf and Country Resort.

Nestled in the hills just along the outskirts of Kandy sits one of the world’s most beautiful courses, and it’s as challenging as it is stunning. This 18-hole course is loved by trophy winning golfers and novices alike, and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re enthusiastic about the sport.

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