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Situated east of Bora Bora and surrounded by shimmering turquoise lagoons and dynamic corals teeming with an extraordinary array of marine life, Tahaa is an island paradise destination that won’t disappoint. 

No trip to French Polynesia would be complete without a stay on this dazzling island. Hop on a quick flight as you island hop and enjoy the seemingly infinite ocean views from the plane. When you land you’ll find yourself immersed in authentic Polynesian culture: from the architectural features and décor of the luxury resorts to the delicious foods on offer, you’ll leave feeling enriched with new knowledge and cultural understanding. 

While it shares the same beautiful landscapes, sparkling lagoon waters and diamond-white sand beaches that can be found on other French Polynesian islands, what sets Taha'a apart is its exclusivity and untouched feeling. On an island that you can drive around in just one hour, it may seem like there wouldn’t be much to keep you entertained, but Taha'a happens to have some of the most incredible diving spots that French Polynesia has to offer. Venture out and find yourself surrounded by mesmerising marine life, including reef sharks, manta rays and turtles.


French Polynesia is home to a number of dazzling islands, all of which should be explored when you visit Bora Bora. See for yourself all of the beauty that this stunning region has to offer and experience all the fantastic culture and exciting excursions that you could ever want. 

  • Begin your French Polynesia adventure with a landing on the gorgeous island of Tahiti, its swaying palms and turquoise waters a stunning view from the plane window. Share the sea and swim with adorable dolphins and walk along white sands. Discover rare black pearls, an unparalleled gift for your loved one. 

  • From Tahiti, we would fly you to the fertile Eden of Moorea, a destination straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine. Visit Tiki Parc for a thrilling zip-lining journey through the forest. Head to Belvedere Lookout for unbeatable views of the sparkling Indian Ocean and the mountains rising from it; picture perfect.

  • Jump on a speedboat from Mo'orea to the honeymoon destination of your dreams, the beautiful island of Bora Bora. Take an intimate sunset cruise, or simply enjoy doing nothing! Get a dose of adrenaline with an exciting jet-ski tour over the glimmering lagoons. Wake up in your own overwater villa to views of majestic Mt. Otemanu.

  • Hop from Bora Bora to the delicious island of Taha'a and discover sweet scented vanilla plantations and an authentic, untouched atmosphere that will make you feel like this island is yours. Dive under the surface of the ocean and discover the amazing kingdom of reef sharks and manta rays.
Le Taha'a by Pearl Resorts
Patio, French Polynesia
Le Taha’a sits proudly along the beautiful powder white sands and crystal clear lagoons of the secluded islet of Motu Tautau, offering guests an exclusive 5-star luxury escape to the ultimate Tahitian hideaway. All 57 of their beautiful villas and
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Anybody searching for luxury honeymoon packages or the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations will definitely not be disappointed with a trip to Tahaa. Enjoy long romantic strolls on the secluded diamond-white shores, explore the vanilla plantations and lush forestry in-land, and discover underwater wonderlands together with marvellous snorkelling and diving excursions. However you choose to spend your days, you won’t have a moment of boredom and romance will never be far away while you’re on the honeymoon of your dreams in Tahaa.

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If you’re searching for a luxury couples holiday to Bora Bora or Tahaa, you won’t be disappointed by the opulence that awaits you on these diamond-white shores. Unwind and reconnect in the radiant sunshine, enjoy romantic seaside strolls, explore the wonders on offer on the island or witness spectacular sunsets on evening cruises. There is no short supply of romantic pastimes to be found here, and you can enjoy all of them with your loved one with a couples’ holiday package unlike any other.

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Families don’t need to feel left out; there are a spectacular range of activities on Tahaa that will fill your days with endless wonder while you’re on the family holiday of a lifetime. Wade out into the warm safety of the calm lagoon waters and just a stone’s throw from the shore you’ll find corals teeming with dazzling multi-coloured fish. Or simply relax and create lifelong memories together by your own private plunge pool. Whatever you choose, a trip to Tahaa will be the best decision you could make for your family holiday.

Things to do in
Scuba Diving

Bora Bora is world-renowned for its perfectly clear, crystal-blue, calm waters, so it comes as no surprise that it is considered an ideal spot for diving. 

Tahaa is a much more special destination for divers, though. Divers of all levels can take the plunge into stunning lagoons and discover reefs teeming with a mirage-like variety of tropical fish. Visitors in need of an even more thrilling experience can even enjoy a special sting ray and reef shark excursion, which will see your guide diving in to lure the enigmatic creatures to you for the ultimate up close and personal experience.

Exquisite Jewellery

Treat the lady in your life to the finest and most luxurious jewellery the South Pacific Ocean has to offer. World-famous and highly sought-after, Tahitian black pearls will have her radiating elegance and jaw-dropping sophistication.

Found exclusively in the waters surrounding Tahiti, visitors from far and wide are enchanted by these rare and beautiful pearls. With each individual pearl being cultured by expert grafters, it’s no wonder that these exceptional beads are Tahiti’s biggest export. See for yourself the wonder of black pearls and have the opportunity to purchase the grandest and most lavish of souvenirs when you visit Tahaa.

Sunset Cruise

Tahaa shares its sparkling turquoise lagoon with the equally stunning island of Raiatea, and you could have a front row seat from which you’ll see the spectacular sunset as it reflects off the tranquil waters and sinks into the distance. 

Offering semi-private and exclusive excursions, couples have the option of venturing out to the crystal waters to simply watch the sunset transform the sky from unblemished blue to vivid pink, or to dine on-board as the sun descends and the stars appear. Indulge with champagne and the greatest views the Polynesian horizon has to offer: with views as stunning as this, a romantic atmosphere is guaranteed.


Tahaa isn’t also known as the Vanilla Island for nothing. Some of the world’s finest vanilla is harvested from these very shores, and you could gain a fascinating insight into the process that makes this sweet treat…

Visit the small, family-run vanilla plantations and see for yourself the incredible and meticulous work that goes into growing and cultivating the delicious vanilla that comes from this lush island. Guests can see vanilla preparation and the drying process with their own eyes, and then even purchase some vanilla pods to enrich any dishes you cook when you come home. 

ATV Tours

Thrill-lovers wondering what to do in Tahaa need look no further than an adrenaline-charged ATV Tour. Climb on and zoom off into the distance for the most exciting and insightful tour you could ever dream of. 

Sit in the driver’s seat of your own spectacular tour around this picturesque island, discovering hidden dirt tracks and taking in magnificent views while the tropical breeze rushes through your hair. Follow your knowledgeable guide to all of the best viewing spots and tourist attractions for a truly unique insight into the history and culture of this island paradise. 

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