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Japan’s 2nd largest metropolitan city packs a punch full of flavourful foods, fun experiences and a completely different vibe compared to Tokyo. 

Osaka’s bright and bold city is much more laid-back than its noble cousin Kyoto and its aforementioned clean-cut sibling. This powerhouse destination is the dazzling jewel of the Kansai region, easily reachable by bullet train or airplane from Tokyo, and sits very close to the beautiful and picture-perfect city’s of Nara and Kyoto. Osaka is a known lovingly as ‘Japan’s Kitchen’, you’ll never go hungry on your Japan holiday when you’re in Osaka!

Couples who dare to be different will love Osaka’s glamorous luxury hotels, the incredible Osaka Castle which was built in 1583 and features eight storeys, and the world-class shopping and food that the city has to offer. While those travelling with the kids will love Osaka’s family-friendly hideaways, and visiting nearby Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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With so many incredible destinations to choose from, it can be a bit difficult to fit in every city you'll want to visit into the perfect Japan holiday, but we'll ensure all your needs are met with our tailor-made luxury Japan tours and itineraries. 

  • To see the best of Japan, we would recommend a two week itinerary that will start with 2 nights in Tokyo to sleep off the jet-lag and start discovering the highlights of this incredible city. You'll be blasted straight into the future in this electrifying and robotic city, full of neon lights and teeming with fantastic shopping opportunities, perfect for those who love a bit of retail therapy.
  • After that you'll hop on the incredible Shinkansen bullet train bound for 5 nights in Kyoto, Osaka and Nara; three diverse destinations are all conveniently located near each other. Here's you'll discover Japan's ancient capital city, UNESCO World Heritage sites and another incredible city known as 'Japan's Kitchen' - make sure to try some of the delicious delicacies of Osaka, including delicious takoyaki and crispy yakisoba.
  • Hop back on the Shinkansen for 2 nights in Hiroshima and Miyajima; a beautiful city with a tragic past and a tranquil island that's home to the iconic floating torii gate.
  • After this you'll spend 2 nights near the spectacular Mount Fuji in Hakone, a hot spring town that boasts a wealth of luxurious traditional Japanese inns called Ryokans which often houses their own private onsen baths. This gorgeous escape is even more stunning in cherry blossom season, when pastel pink petals create an unparalleled foreground to the mountain.
  • Round off the trip with 3 final nights in Tokyo to squeeze in the city's incredible sights and things to do, as well as potential day trip to nearby Enoshima or the picturesque Kamakura.  
InterContinental Hotel Osaka
Asia, Japan
This is your gateway to the rich traditions of Osaka and Kyoto, to the ultimate Japan holiday... a stay at the Intercontinental Hotel Osaka will ensure that all of your expectations are met. This luxurious 4.5-star hotel is nestled in
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Hyatt Regency Osaka
Osaka, Japan
Discover the wonderful city of Osaka with a stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Osaka, a dazzling bayside resort in the heart of this fabulous destination. This 4-star hotel is a chic and opulent escape and is ideal for families
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Best Time to travel to

The best time to visit Japan is between March and May, as this is when the spring weather brings sunshine and warm temperatures as well as it being the right time to view the cherry blossoms. Outside of this, September through to November is also a great time to visit as the humid summer is easing off to leave behind much milder sunny days and beautiful autumn colours.




























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Couples who are looking for the best honeymoon destinations will love adding Osaka to an unforgettable Japan tour. Honeymooners who dare to be different will be rewarded with incredible food, a wealth of unforgettable sights to see and a great look into a modern, Japanese city that’ll feel light years away from Tokyo. Discover a more laid-back Japan along these vividly coloured streets, in the baseball-crazy bars and as you rub shoulders with the locals in yakitori restaurants and ramen noodle shacks.

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Visit Osaka as part of an incredible Japan tour and you’ll discover a city that moves to the beat of it’s own drum. Rub shoulders with locals who aren’t afraid to say hello at the open-air bars, fry your own food at your table in an okonomiyaki restaurant, and discover Osaka castle and other remarkable sights that date back generations. Osaka is also part of a triangle that includes Kyoto and Nara, so be sure to visit these other stunning and drastically different destination while you’re there!

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Those travelling with the kids will love Osaka, this incredible destination has everything you could ever need for a fun family-friendly holiday in Japan. Discover the excitement and thrills of Universal Studios Osaka, and visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while you’re there! Within the city itself there’s plenty of family-friendly hotels to choose from, as well as restaurants that serve a wide variety of international and local dishes to cater to both the daring and the conservative diner alike.

Things to do in
Cherry Blossoms

One of the first images that comes to mind when someone thinks of Japan, is often the pastel pink hues of the cherry blossoms that drift dreamily across the country during the Spring months.

With a fleeting blooming period of just two weeks in March or April, catching a good view of the cherry blossoms (or ‘Sakura’ in Japanese) can be a bit a difficult to plan but certainly not impossible when you know where to go. A great place to view them in Osaka is in the main park that houses Osaka Castle. Why not do as the Japanese do and bring some food and drink for a picnic under the blossoms; an experience known as ‘Hanami’.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle was built in the 1500's and boasts eight storeys of stunning architecture and a surrounding park that blooms during the cherry blossom season.

Located in the heart of the city sits Osaka's most famous landmark; Osaka Castle, which when it was constructed was the largest castle in Japan. This beautiful castle sits within a tranquil park that's home to sakura cherry blossom trees, a beautiful lake and a traditional Japanese garden. Be sure to visit on a warm day and you'll discover plenty of pop-up food stands serving noodle soup dishes and Taiyaki; a fried dessert shaped like a fish! 


Dotonburi is Osaka's main street, a bustling and brightly coloured destination that's home to the city's best restaurants, bars and world-class shopping.

Dotonburi is named after the main street and tranquil canal that share the same name, and this absolutely dazzling destination shines brightest at night, when the neon LED lights and pop-up restaurants command the attention of everyone passing by. Not sure where to eat? Follow your senses and you're sure to discover a mouth-watering restaurant just around the corner, or you could take a peek at the unbelievably realistic plastic replicas of dishes that sit outside the dining venues in glass cabinets! 

Japanese Food

You may think you’ve had Japanese food already, but we can guarantee you that you’ll never look back after trying real, authentic Japanese cuisine.

What’s makes Japanese cooking so special is the celebration of seasonality and how dedicated chef’s are about learning how to master the art of their speciality, and with more Michelin-awarded 3-starred restaurants than any other country in the world; they must be doing something right! Osaka is known as 'Japan's Kitchen', a title they don't take lightly here. Discover Takoyaki octopus balls, okonomiyaki savoury pancake-esque dishes, and some weird and wacky combinations you won't see anywhere else in Japan!

Universal Studios

Universal Studios sits along the Osaka Bay Area, and boasts eight different parks spread across 39 hectares of land.

Discover Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Jurassic Park, Waterworld, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland and the most recently opened Wizard World of Harry Potter, where you can visit Hogwarts Castle, wander along the streets of Hogsmeade and even try butter beer!  

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