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Journey away with us and discover your inner serenity in one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered in Indonesia…

Comprised of over 18,000 islands, Indonesia sits in the south east of Asia, making it the world’s largest archipelago/ Known for its volcanic islands, incredibly diverse culture and stunning coastlines, Indonesia is a truly wondrous holiday destination for anybody looking to be amazed.

With powder white-sand beaches and crystal turquoise waters, a luxury honeymoon in Indonesia will offer you the perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences. Sit back and doze on a practically untouched beach in Lombok; feel the caress of the glorious sun on your skin in the Gili Islands; and hike through the rice terraces of Bali. 

Don’t worry: this slice of paradise isn’t reserved solely for honeymooners; a family holiday in Indonesia could be just what you need! Experience luxury like you’ve never known it before, and bring the kids along to enjoy the ride. With an array of activities available, such as diving and snorkelling in the turtle and coral-filled bay, everyone is sure to find something to amaze and dazzle.

Alila Villas Uluwatu
Indonesia, Indonesia
On a limestone hillside, overlooking the sapphire Indian Ocean sits Alila Villas Uluwatu, a luxury resort with a beautiful selection of modern Balinese-style villas offering open-planned spacious rooms, relaxation pavilions and it’s own private swimming pool. Guests looking for exclusive
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The Samaya Ubud
Indonesia, Indonesia
Located within the beautiful Ayung Valley among the incredible Balinese rice fields and lush vegetation sits Samaya Ubud, an exclusive luxury retreat that promises guests staying at their intimate resort a magical escape to a tropical paradise in the heart
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Alila Ubud
Indonesia, Indonesia
Designed with inspiration drawn from its Balinese heritage, Alila Ubud has been laid out to reflect a hillside village, complete with its own community centre, dining venues and easily-accessible pedestrian lanes. The resort is comprised of beautiful rooms featuring a
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Best Time to travel to

It can be a challenge to pin down the best times to visit Indonesia, as it’s comprised of over 10,000 varied islands, however there are some general rules that are easy to follow. The dry season generally runs from May to September which makes it the best time to visit for sunbathing and exploring, while the opposing rainy season sits between October and April.



























Heavy Rain


Things to do in
Gili Trawangan’s Water Swing

Take in the absolutely mesmerising Indonesian sunset and snap the gold medal of Instagram photos at one of Gili Trawangan’s iconic overwater swings.

The three Gili Islands are easily accessible from Lombok in Indonesia and each boast their own unique flair, and recently Gili Trawangan has become a social media sensation with it’s beautiful overwater swings that seem to float enchantingly above the shallow sea waters. After snapping a beautiful shot of you swinging dreamily against the blush pink sunset, be sure to stay for incredible Indonesian food and exciting nightlife.

Surfing in Senggigi

Senggigi’s sands are known and loved by all who visit Lombok in Indonesia and for good reason, it’s never been easier to soak up the sun in such a beautiful destination and feel safe in the knowledge that there’s some excellent restaurants and bars mere footsteps away.

This stunning beach is also perfectly suited for surfing, snorkelling and even diving with plenty of reefs dwelling beneath the dazzling topaz waters. Whether you prefer to focus on that all-important tan or can’t wait to get onto the waters and start making some waves, Senggigi offers the perfect beach backdrop for every adventure.

Pink Beach

You may have been to a lot of beaches in your time, but have you ever seen a pink beach in Indonesia?

Located along the coastline of Lombok sits a beautiful beach with a difference, and although it’s well-known across the world, it still remains fairly untouched. The powdery beachfront get the pink hue from the coral that washes onto the bay and mixes in with the soft sands, which is especially noticeable against the bright blue shades of the sea and the sky. Snap a shot of yourself on these fabled blush sands and boom, you’ve struck Instagram gold.


Indonesia is home of many waterfalls; some so tall they almost appear to be halfway to heaven, others nestled deep within jungles that require a real hike to get to, and others so beautiful they could be part of a movie set.

Travel to the northern part of Lombok and you’ll find numerous mesmerising waterfalls, all offering a refreshing escape from the balmy heat of the sun. After snapping a pic under the tumbling waters, be sure to dive in and have a swim in the waters that pool below in the shade of the island’s lush emerald trees.


Seemingly every nation in Asia knows how to put on a good market, and Indonesia’s collection of islands are no exception.

Visit Ampenan in Lombok and you’ll find a fantastic, authentic market heaving under the weight of fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, fish and so much more. The locals may do a double take when you arrive but that’s when you know you’ve potentially trodden the path less travelled. If you seek traditional souvenirs, clothing and jewellery, head to Cakrangara Market for a better selection of wares that will make excellent gifts for loved ones back home.

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the second tallest volcano in all of Indonesia, and it's easily one of Lombok's best highlights.

There are plenty of trails and tours that will take you to the summit of this incredible mountain, and the views are absolutely breathtaking. It's not all about the ascent itself either, as the surrounding area boasts beautiful lush fields and forests, and once you get to the top you'll been to see the gorgeous Crater Lake that resides in the middle of the mountain range.


Kuta's beautiful area is probably the second most visited after the famous shores of Sengiggi in Indonesia, and it’s as lively as it is beautiful.

The landscape around Kuta is absolutely gorgeous, and just a walk, bike ride or drive around the area will reveal lush green fields, idyllic swaying coconut palms, pristine coastlines and enchanting mountains in the distance. As well as Kuta beach itself, be sure to swing by the beaches of Mawun, Selong Belanak and Tanjung Aan as they're all not only close by but are absolutely gorgeous too.

Mosques and Hindu Temples

Bali may be known across the world as a Buddhist nation, but the rest of Indonesia is actually predominately Muslim and therefore provides a completely different religious landscape to explore.

Around the island of Lombok for example, you'll see (and hear!) mosques everywhere, and some of them boast the most beautiful domed designs and golden accents. Come during Ramadan and it can get quite noisy and lively! There are also a number of Buddhist temples around Lombok for the Balinese minority who live on the island in Pura Meru and Pura Narmada.

Sunsets in Gili

The sunsets in Gili are some of the most spectacular in the world; think burnt orange and deep red hues filling the sky before it turns into a blanket of stars.

There are so many ways to admire the sunsets in Gili, whether it's with a private romantic picnic along the soft white sands, clinking glasses on a sunset cruise as it drifts dreamily along the waters, or with your feet in the sand among friends as you all enjoy an Indonesian banquet. There's no shortage of unforgettable memories to be had in Gili.

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